Damaged commuter rail snarls traffic into New York

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(CNN) — Telecommuting and carpooling are the recommended options for folks who would normally take the train between New Haven, Connecticut, and New York in the aftermath of a derailment that disrupted train service on one of the busiest tracks in the country.

“There are going to be substantial delays until we can get this line back in full service,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said Sunday evening. “Residents should plan for a week’s worth of disruptions.”

And while the governor suggested carpooling as an option, he made it clear that it wasn’t a particularly good one.

“The delays will not be limited to mass transit as more people get behind the wheel to drive and make their own connections,” clogging the roadways, Malloy said.

More than 30,000 passengers travel the rail corridor on a daily basis.

Monday’s commute will be “extremely challenging,” according to Malloy.

Federal investigators are trying to…

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