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As consumers become more familiar with digital technology, businesses are evolving their marketing strategies to meet expectations. Websites and applications are now considered an essential part of a brand’s presence. The digital age is making it possible for brands to connect with their clients all over the world and reach out effectively to their specific target audiences. However, with so much reach, it is easy to get befuddled and make mistakes while communicating to your audiences digitally. Here’s our list of top six rules that your marketing team should know about:

1 – Digital does not mean machine-like:

While digital gives you the opportunity to reach out to millions with a single click, it also poses a problem: if not monitored properly, it will not be as effective as face-to-face communication. Since your customers are interacting with you through electronic media, they need to be able to see the human side of…

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Keller @ Large: More Needs To Be Done To Protect Against Risk

Terrible……hearts out to the casualties

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – The news out of Oklahoma is terrible, and our hearts go out to anyone with loved ones or roots in the disaster zone.

As we know full well here in Boston, over the coming days people will rally behind the survivors and the families of those who didn’t survive. We’ll give financial and moral support and help those who need it until they’re back on their feet.

And maybe after the damage is fully understood, we’ll all spend some time thinking a bit harder about risk, and how we might want to do more to protect against it.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:
[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”normal” download=”true” name=”Keller at Large May 21 2013″ artist=”Jon Keller”]

I was stunned to read Monday night that Moore, Oklahoma, is one of the most tornado-prone places on earth, with five major hits on the city in the past 15 years alone, including…

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  • Advantages of the Internet:
  1. You have information at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to know how to spell, or know your ABCs. Someone out there knows the answers to everything you can think of.
  2. You can send mail across the world within minutes where snail mail used to take 3-4 days in the states and 2 weeks overseas.
  3. You are connected to a lot of people who have similar interests if you know the right place to find them on the internet. A lot more difficult in person.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. The Internet is impersonal. YOu cannot see someone smile or react to your news or words though they may type it (grin).
  2. You cannot always trust the answers you get over the internet when you are looking for information.
  3. You spend too much time in front of a machine, and not enough time in front of “real” people.
  4. YOu need a credit card if you want to buy something either to pay a third party sight, or to pay direct the company you are interested in. IN person, you can always pay by cash.

Marathon Bombing Victims To Get Diplomas At BC Commencement

CBS Boston

BOSTON (AP) — Cardinal Sean O’Malley skipped Boston College’s commencement Monday because of the involvement of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who supports a bill in his country that would allow abortion.

A few dozen protesters, some playing bagpipes, demonstrated at the college during the morning graduation ceremony. They held signs with messages that included: “Boston College Keep Your Pro Life Values.”

Kenny was addressing undergraduates and accepting an honorary degree from the Jesuit-run college.

He has said the proposed legislation simply clarifies when a doctor can perform an abortion to save a woman’s life. But Catholic bishops have said it would greatly expand abortion, particularly by permitting it in certain cases when a woman threatens suicide.

The leader of the Boston Archdiocese traditionally gives the benediction at the college’s ceremony. O’Malley called abortion a “crime against humanity” and said he decided not to attend the ceremony, because Boston College…

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Georgian Prime Minister Says Sexual Minorities Have Equal Rights

Georgia’s prime minister says sexual minorities in his country “have the same rights as any other social groups.”  Talking to journalists in Tbilisi on May 14, Bidzina Ivanishvili said although there are groups in Georgia that do not accept sexual minorities as equals, society will “gradually get used to it.”

Ivanishvili added that all participants of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights demonstration scheduled for May 17 will be protected from attacks.

The same day, antigay groups plan to hold their own protest 50 meters from the LGBT demonstration. Ivanishvili declined to express his position on same-sex marriages, saying there is no need to discuss the issue right now. Ivanishvili noted the same-sex marriage issue has caused social and political tensions in France, where he is also a citizen.


Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

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General Assembly adds French Polynesia to UN decolonization list

The United Nations General Assembly voted on Friday to place French Polynesia back on the UN list of territories that should be decolonized and requested the French Government to “facilitate rapid progress […] towards a self-determination process.”

Adopting a consensus resolution tabled by Nauru, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands, the Assembly affirmed “the inalienable right of the people of French Polynesia to self-determination and independence” under the UN Charter, and declared that “an obligation exists [under the Charter] on the part of the Government of France, as the administering Power of the Territory, to transmit information on French Polynesia.”

The Assembly’s action places French Polynesia back on the UN list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, bringing the number of inscriptions to 17. Although France had undertaken to furnish information on French Polynesia in 1946, along with New Caledonia, this transmittal of information stopped the following year, as stated by the delegate of the Solomon Islands.


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Last Day Arrives For Minn. Lawmakers

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

[worldnow id=8900853 width=450 height=275 type=video]

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A few final debates echoed through the state Capitol Monday, as lawmakers haggled over tax increases and union organizing in a session that’s already seen a big spike in spending on schools and a landmark law legalizing gay marriage.

A session that started in January ended in a rush toward the finish line: a midnight deadline to adjourn for the year. It was the finale of four months of Democratic control of the Legislature, and members seized the chance to set a $38.3 billion budget that increases spending on schools, colleges and other programs and helps pay for it with $2.1 billion in tax increases primarily on the wealthy and smokers.

Republicans forecast a rough ride ahead, with businesses and the well-off looking beyond Minnesota to avoid new taxes.

“This tax bill will make us a high-tax island. Members, that’s…

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